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And in spite of being eight series late, Gaz appears to have done the unthinkable – finally putting his parsnip out to graze and giving up his Buck Squad reign, all for Charlotte’s benefit. Did Gaz wake up and realise what he had after losing his banging partner to Charlotte’s ex, Mitch?Speaking to the Metro about series 9, Gaz explained: "It was not about banging and stuff like that, it was all about having fun with Charlotte. Or maybe he really does prefer cuddles to one-night stands – remember his drunken confession to Vicky in series 7?In another entry she said: “Gaz is the most cutest lad ever omg, he got me these roses engraved with my name on candle lit!

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Team yours with a printed tee, jeans and trainers for a stylishly casual ensemble.We're not, like, killing anybody and I want my kids to party and not be judgey when they're older.' The trio are in the UK to meet their British counterparts, who have seen a huge change in line-up over the years, with Sophie being the only original left.On meeting the UK cast, Pauly said: 'They're big time out here, so I'm excited to meet them.'In 2011, things kicked off in a smaller house, with Gary Beadle, Jay Gardner, Charlotte Crosby, Vicky Pattison, Greg Lake, James Tindale and Holly Hagan being the pioneering stars who have all since forged varying careers.Either way, he’s just happy to have rekindled things with Charlotte, adding: "It was nice having Charlotte back to normal, getting on like we used to without the complications of upsetting boyfriends and worrying what people will think." And while Gaz is clearly enjoying a new honeymoon period, Charlotte’s still haunted by their past, telling Holy Moly: “My worst [ever moment on Geordie Shore] was when I told Gary I was in love with him in Barcelona and the very next night he brought a girl back.” What's next for the young buckers?If the past's anything to go by, Charlotte's going to be hooked back on that parsnip before we can even say "whey-aye"!

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