Belkin routers keeps updating dns

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I typically set up any router to Self-answered with some help by Belkin tech support, I suppose.After resetting the router to factory defaults, power cycling both the router and the modem, and setting the router to use WEP-64bit for wireless instead of WPA2, all problems seem to have gone away. Slowly, the problem has been coming back in full force once again. After a new firmware update, the problem hasn't yet returned.There also may be anywhere between 1 - 10 devices hooked up wired or wirelessly at a time.The only reprieve I have from this torture is by using any VPN to an outside source - always smooth sailing.Duplicated on 3 routers (not chained together, mind you) and 3 ISP's and 3 separate locations over the past several months.The common theme is a single 5 years old WIN XP laptop which has been in use on the network throught all this.

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Victim, you were able to confirm that the customer could ping heartbeat.yet still had the orange light? So I got into a managed router that is in the same subnet as one of the effected belkins, And tried to ping heartbeat and it worked fine. Not only that, but if I reduce the packet size from Linux to below 56, I get 100% success. Thanks to Reddit our customers and call center workers are happy.If you have any questions or are unsure what to do, we recommend finding a guide that provides more information.Basically, after anywhere from 5-60 minutes, DNS queries fail for a few minutes, then slowly begin to resolve correctly. This occurs only when more than one computer is on the network.Try fixing one PC to use Open DNS (2.220 and 2.222) or Google ( and for its resolution and see if this machine keeps going when the others fail.I work for a company that takes calls Comcast Customers and we got slammed overnight with Belkin customers, no matter the setup, modem or wireless gateway, the belkin isn't working WHAT SO EVER!

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