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According to their website, the creators of Tru Dog once had a pet that developed cancer and had a horrible fight in the attempt to survive, but eventually their dog lost their battle with cancer and passed away.After this occurred, his owner did research on pet health, and found that most of the pet foods you find at your local grocery store are the same as feeding your pet fast food every day.My 10 year old dog will not touch her food without Boost Me or Fortify Me on top.She's a picky eater and since she won't eat a totally raw diet, I am happy for thos booster that gives her the benefits.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Tru Dog reviews below. I know I am feeding her only the best, the joint support supplements are wonderful.

Here you’ll find a variety of prices, based on the product you buy and the size and volume you order it in.

Since this product is sold primarily through other retailers and, customers will need to look at the Return and Refund policies of the retailer where they purchased their Tru Dog food in order to know what process to follow if they are hoping to return it. This company makes superior dog supplies in my opinion.

I would love to feed her a totally raw diet, but she is fussy and adding the toppers gives her the benefits of raw! Then, I was given the tip to use a Q-Tip rather than spraying it (Ithink the sprayer scared her a bit).

We use it every day and after a couple of months, her vet was amazed at how healthy her teeth were for an older dog. I have to ask the reviewer who complained about having to return the product for a refund if they are in the habit of going to a retail store and asking for money back without returning the product they weren't satisfied with.

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