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Surfers are constantly in search of new adventure, uncharted coastline, warm waters, consistent swells, and uncrowded line-ups.El Salvador offersall of these things, but anyone who travels to this tiny, Central American country will soon realize that the waves are uncrowded for a reason.The crowds were never even a factor, in fact on several occasions guys from our group would get 2 hour, afternoon solo sessions.

This wave is steeper and faster than Los Flores and offers up some barrel opportunities if you’re looking for them.We’d ask ourselves "How many surfers would be out on 4’-6’ Rincon? Here we are all by our lonesome letting perfect 4’ rights roll by because they aren’t set waves." Of course now that we are home, fighting over 2’ slop in the South Bay we are kicking ourselves for letting any of those waves pass by unridden.First let me preface this segment by not only recommending, but insisting you see El Salvador under the care of a professional guide.Not to sound cliché but El Salvador is a land of contrasts.The country is filled with natural beauty and tremendous poverty.

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