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Positive self-concept and confidence occur as students prepare their speeches and share them with the class, thus working to be effective communicators. " is a forum for studying public speaking, performance art, literary concepts, writing, and critical analysis in ways that guarantee active and responsible involvement of all students.Students write their own original plays or scenes, dramatize historical events or scenes from literature studied or work with published dramas. The Ocean Biome Breads from Around the World The Great American Melting Pot Catching on to Catcher in the Rye The Leaning Tower of Pisa Digging Into the Past The Real Way to Moolah Beach!Tarantulas The Vision Contest The Darkling Beetle Creating a Poetry Web Site Are We Alone?Teamwork, building positive self-concept, and responsibility converge in this unit with strong academic content in writing, and speaking, listening and viewing skills.It promotes true revision, assigns active roles at all times, and brings critical viewing out of the classroom and into the television room.

Step One: Introduce the process of writing a "how-to" paper using visual charts to display the various steps.It fosters self-awareness, appreciation and recognition of one's own individual talent or interest, and those of others, while using speaking, listening, and viewing, as well as writing.Since each student selects a topic in which he is already knowledgeable, or has experienced success, the interest level is intrinsic.Place a shoe in front of the class and have students tell you orally,"how to" move your hands to tie the laces into a bow.Answers can be taken from various class members or you can select a specific student to give you the instructions.

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