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After one year (of being divorced) I ran into someone (while I was working) and it was ELECTRIC.I have never been this attracted before (still after 4 years).

I seem to be able to have fabulous and terrific “conversations” with just about anyone (except him).

Months after splitting from the woman to whom he gave the coveted Final Rose, a "Bachelor" alum has apparently found love again.

Nick Viall, who called it quits with fiance Vanessa Grimaldi after six months together, is reportedly romancing "Mad Men" actress January Jones.

In short, I can really annoy him and I’m not used to that (still after 4 years! It still doesn’t feel “easy” with him….(and I’m not used to that either! We are a great couple in so many ways, but ironically, the intellectual attraction seems to be “missing.” My questions for you are: do short term guys (and curiously he has extremely masculine facial features and is very tall) really ever “evolve” into long term guys?

) We do high risk recreational mountain sports together (I am extremely tough which is “expected” and yet can turn on me – he once said while we were skiing (a double black diamond) “sometimes I need you to be softer” ack!?! Can this man, who is apparently REALLY into the relationship, evolve his short term dating abilities (the first year was EASY!

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