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Original TS-9s are starting to get real expensive as well, but here in Sweden you can still find them at about the same price as a new reissue unit. The ”Master Series” which replaced the ”9” series in 1985, didn’t actually have a Tube Screamer.The pedal in the picture is my own beat-up pedal – originals obvisously have a red LED 🙂 Note: The ”9” series also contained the TS-9s bigger brother: the ST-9 Super Tube Screamer. They kept the Super Tube Screamer instead (but moved the mid boost’s position to after the distortion stage) and called it ”Super Tube” (STL), The Master Series only lasted until 1986, when it was replaced by the ”Power Series” – which is when the number ”10” started appearing in the model names.All of the reissue 808’s have the JRC4558D, and all are ”CE” marked. But if I wanted an 808, I’d probably just get a ”9” and mod it – it’ll be exactly the same, but much cheaper. The TS-808 does come in a cooler box, though, and one that allows you to fit a true bypass switch a bit more neatly – rather than drill a hole through the nameplate (as you would do on a TS-9), the switch can be mounted where the stock switch is. They look like the old standoff phenolic boards used in vintage amps, but undoubtedly also have copper traces underneath to handle the connections between components (if you look closely, you’ll see that most of the soldering eyelets aren’t being used, so there must be some other way to connect components to each other).

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From 1996 onwards, the pedal got a ”CE” mark on the bottom, which helped identify it as a reissue.Still, there are plenty of them around, so they must be relatively sturdy.TS-7 Tubescreamer: This is the one with the ”gain” switch and the funky ”pop-up” pots.Essentially a TS-9 with a pre-distortion mid boost, painted dark metallic green. The TS-9 circuit was also used in the UE-300 mains-powered floor multi-effects. The STL hadn’t been a success, so Ibanez brought out the TS-10 Tube Screamer Classic to please the public.The TS-10 can be had for a lot less than a 9, and will sound close enough, if not just as good.

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