Dating a newly widowed man

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I was in a very mentally abusive marriage for the last 10 years and had no plans of dating anytime soon. Now I have found myself falling in love with a man that I met at my sister's church.

I am a 41 year old woman who has recently divorced her alcoholic husband of 20 years.

We were not sleeping together because I couldn't stomach the smell of liqour on his breath and our room smelt like a brewery.

His wife of 26 years died June of this year of a brain tumor.I am totally crushed and feel i was the transistion girl.I have to respect that he needs time to be himself and figure things out. In you situation take it day by day dont rush things you both need time.As long as you're aware, what else is there for you to do to protect yourself? And it's much too late to say that you shouldn't have started the relationship in the first place so, have fun, continue to enjoy one another and whatever you do, don't ruin it by worrying too much but be prepared for the possibility that he will probably not be your last man. Whether this is a transitional relationship, or a more permanent one, there is something to be learned.I'm not sure there is something wrong with someone who hates to be alone.

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