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For the recent mew reports, updates and new photos, please go to the bottom of this page.I arranged a trip to Tashkent in autumm of 2007, for 14 days.Next day she came again to the hotel where i was staying, she came with one man, where they threaten me if i not give 1500 US Dollars to them, they should call the police and they will say that i has raped his wife Elvira. she only likes expensive things and her son i never has seen. Elvira asked me money for flight tickets and visa, that i have sent through Western Union, 1.000 Australian dollars, after that she vanished. It was somewhat late and i proposed to do this next day, Elvira agreed.

I tried to get some documents such as his passport or some jind of identification but there was nothing, it was very well prepared, i only remeber a strange marks on his eyes and hands.She never answered my messages through or to her email. When searching her name on internet i found her name here, alhamdulillah i am so glad.! In the next days Elvira and i went to the center of city, of course to shops, she is very capricious and wanted that i buy for her dress and some other things, i told her that i am not such man who will pay for her caprices, C’moon we have just meet! Elvira went angry to me and she say that i was a liar, she took a taxi cab and leaved me alone in the center of Tashkent. After this i didn’t have any contact with Elvira till 4 days before my departure to Geneve.She came to my hotel where i was staying and apologized about her behaviour, i forgive her, and she wanted go to “special place” in the city, we took together a taxi cab and we go to the outskirts of the city, we get out from the taxi and we went to near the forest, where suddently one joung man came out from the bushes and began to threaten, if i not give 1500 dollars something very bad will happen to me.I offered her to pay all these expenses, but she told me that i cannot make reservation of flight ticket from the UK to her in Uzbekistan.Asking this to the Embassy of Uzbekistan and to some Airlines companies, i learned that this woman was lying and tried to scam me.

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