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Since then, Beatles-related stuff has come out just often enough to keep second-generation fans on their toes and the fandom active and aggressive. Sir Paul Mc Cartney (he was knighted in 1997 and handled it in a way that ensured would let him live it down) and Sir Ringo Starr (he was knighted in 2018) are still out there touring, doing a bunch of miscellaneous projects, and occasionally making records — and they both still write GOOD music. Not quite coincidentally, the entire catalogue has been remastered and was re-released on CD the same day.After years of legal disputes having to do with the "Apple" label, i Tunes finally added Beatles music in 2010.The band broke up in 1970 under circumstances painful to think about.Everyone went on to solo careers of varying success, most notably Mc Cartney with Wings.Best lasted longer, right up to their first recording session with Parlophone Records.Then, he was infamously sacked and replaced by Richard Starkey (AKA Ringo Starr) just as they were about to make it big.But then a second wave of Beatlemania gradually hit — too late for John Lennon, who sadly had been getting the Dead Artists Are Better effect since 1980 when he was murdered by Mark David Chapman, but everyone else got to see it.

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We were mystified to see Jason at the farmer’s market pushing a double stroller full of purchases – and no children in sight.

In 1966 John Lennon gave an ill-thought-out comment that The Beatles were "more popular than Jesus now." He promptly apologized for it, but it had already been taken out of context by the press.

John meant that Christianity was on the decline in Britain to the point that a rock band was a bigger draw — and in 2008, the Vatican admitted that he had a point — but Christian conservatives on both sides of the pond were too outraged to care about the subtleties.

In 2016, Ron Howard and Apple Corps released another documentary: , focusing on their live shows and tours between 19.

In addition to new interviews with Paul, Ringo and members of their circle, it featured testimony from such young fans as Whoopi Goldberg, Sigourney Weaver, Elvis Costello and Eddie Izzard.

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