Error an error occurred while updating the configuration parameter

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Example A-2 shows how to set the initialization parameters so that a single, mandatory, local destination automatically fails over to a different destination if any error occurs.In most cases, following the steps described in Role Transitions results in a successful switchover.If the underlying file structure is the same on both databases, then the DDL executes on the standby database as expected.If an error was caused by a DDL transaction containing a file specification that did not match in the logical standby database environment, perform the following steps to fix the problem: In some situations, the problem that caused the transaction to fail can be corrected and SQL Apply restarted without skipping the transaction.When an unsupported statement or package is encountered, SQL Apply stops.

Logical standby databases maintain user tables, sequences, and jobs.(This functionality is available starting with Oracle Database 11 A switchover operation involving a logical standby database usually consists of two phases: preparing and committing.The exceptions to this are for rolling upgrades of Oracle software using a logical standby database or if you are using Oracle Data Guard broker.The corrective actions that you need to take depend on the state of the commit to switchover operation when the error was encountered.At this point the primary is in a state identical to that it was in before the commit switchover command was issued. you can proceed with the commit to switchover operation or cancel the switchover operation as outlined in Failure While Preparing the Primary Database .

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