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What does this show about the person who proposes such a plan?Does Harris want us to form the "Friend-zone Church of Christ", or did he just not think this philosophy through?Now, having shared my biggest problems with this book, I should point out that Harris does have some good points about our attitude of dating.His points on several common-sense dating principles such as making your parents your teammates, and setting guidelines based upon your personal history and convictions, etc. These principles, although already pretty generally known, are what I'm guessing so many people who have liked the book focus on. In a book written to a culture which practiced arranged marriages, dating didn't exist, and so the Bible doesn't cover it. Keep your money that you spend on this and go to a friend, a parent, a pastor, or a therapist and ask their advice, because the information that they would give to you has a higher logic/sentence ratio than this book does.Either way, I know that I am sure that I do not want this to be the future of Christianity. When does the Holy Spirit stop transforming me into someone who is more like Christ?My last major concern in Harris' "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" lies in his philosophy that when you are dating, you "own" someone. If you think that maybe Sarah and Philip aren't individually grown ENOUGH to marry or even date, then what age will they be?

I know that many people reading this will discount this review because it is coming from some deep dark place on the internet from someone who has never posted a review before, but I beg you to please read this post through before making a decision on this book (or my credibility).But, in the end, these are not biblical principles. The most that "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" has to offer is advice that you could find from a parent or mentor, mixed in with the Bible's texts on marriage. Instead of hearing from imaginary Sarah and Philip, I encourage you to talk with someone real with a great relationship with his or her spouse, because Harris' ideas can be the reason on why you miss the best relationship that God has in store for you.For many ministry leaders, one of the scariest questions is “what if I’m wrong?I wish these were just theoretical questions, but they’re very real for me right now and I’m wrestling with them in a very public way.”, selfishness, broken hearts, and divorce.Because of that, Harris’s book pretty strongly suggests the only Biblical way to “date” is through courtship. “A lot of [my classmates] shared stories of the effect my book had, and a lot of them were negative,” Harris remembers.

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