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His father screams at him to finish the presentation, but Ji Heon runs outside, where he can hear his cousin Cha Moo Won (Jaejoong) standing up and offering to finish the presentation because he’s not pressed for time.

Ji Heon goes back to his office and tells his secretary to cancel all his engagements for the rest of the day.

This clearly happens often, because once dad’s secretary points out the elevator is almost there, everyone resumes their proper positions and fixes their appearance before exiting.

Ji Heon keeps saying “it’s over, it’s over” with respect to his beatdown.

They ask the “man in the glasses and mask” what his phobia is? Turns out it was a psychiatric treatment his doctor wanted him to do, but he’s not having it.

Doctor says because Ji Heon is refusing pill treatment, he thought this might help. Ji Heon arrives at work and goes before the management of the company where his father is the President in order to give a presentation.

Ji Heon cannot continue and runs off, telling the audience that due to time constraints, he’s only prepared up to this point.

He would rather seem like a loser than admit he has a mental hang up.

The Chairman (Ji Heon’s dad) yells at him to continue which makes Ji Heon even more flustered.Ji Heon sees a wadded up tissue on the ground and almost has an attack. Ji Heon picks up the tissue and says he didn’t have this phobia before, but hearing those other guys discuss their phobias and now it’s added to his. He discusses how the digital age is entering into a Smart (phone) era.I think Ji Heon is afraid of germs, because when he walks out, his secretary sprays his hands. I don’t know why, but I get the sense PTB is making fun of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin’s character in ) and his debilitating fear of enclosed spaces. Eun Seol works at a restaurant when she gets a call that her last interview wants to hire her. Ji Heon keeps stumbling over his presentation and mis-reading phrases.In college she led a protest to lower the tuition and raise part-time minimums for the students. Eun Seol eschews dating (and the poor dude holding the roses with a pathetic heartbroken look on his face) so she can study. Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung), wearing a mask and sunglasses, sits on stage surrounded by men in hospital pajamas.Each guy takes turns discussing things that frighten them.

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