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Perhaps it was that absence that's made my heart grow fonder.

Because, after an uneven first half of Season 7, "Severance" felt like it confidently eased back into familiar territory, but with the added intensity of knowing time is running out.

Peggy and Joan negotiate career-woman challenges: Joan and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) may each be climbing up the corporate ladder, but they still have to deal with crass, garden-variety sexism.

Mc Cann Erickson has purchased a stake in SC&P, with the supposed promise of independence for Don, Roger (John Slattery), Joan (Christina Hendricks), Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) and the rest.In the elevator after the meeting, Joan is hot with anger, and she and Peggy have another of their barbed exchanges.Peggy suggests that Joan's eye-catching attire leaves her open to sexually harassing remarks. Joan fires back, that she doesn't dress the way Peggy does "because I don't look the way you do." Double ouch. The life not lived: After his father-in-law retires from the Dow Chemical company, Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) is thinking about taking his wife's advice, and getting out of advertising to focus on writing that novel.Then he hears that Mc Cann wants him out of the agency, and to hand his accounts to Pete.Ken tells Don that these events aren't just a coincidence, they're a sign. " Ken: "The life not lived." Except Dow then hires Ken to run their advertising, and Ken promises his former colleagues that he's going to be a very difficult client. You should write an adventure story." Peggy's love life: Spending all her time working hasn't made it easy for Peggy to keep a relationship going.

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