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I have other means of communication outside of Reddit but would prefer it if we spoke here first/primarily. I have a physics final tomorrow so I might not respond for the next 15 hours. I'm a liberal, interested in astrology, tarot, chakras, makeup, travelling, shopping, going out for drinks, staying in and chilling.

Voice chat is probably not something I'd want to do, too, though. But I look forward to talking and watching something terrible (or not). I live relatively close to Ann Arbor, lets talk and make plans to hang out!

My likes are folk music, soul and hip hop with a bit of rock thrown in.

I do still have a guilty pleasure of enjoying pro wrestling I got hooked as a kid and somehow the magic hasn't left me yet hahah.

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I am based in northern Europe it would be fun in your replies (if i get any) to try and figure out the country :).

I am strongly opposed to racism, homophobia, sexism (etc). I’m hoping to move to Arizona (most likely Tucson) afterwards, although I would LOVE to move to NYC.

What I’ve written, or perhaps how I’ve written it, may come off as if though I’m not really fun at parties (I mean, I probably wouldn't instinctively go to one in the first place) but I would consider myself a fairly light hearted person (there are certain things I care about though) who enjoys humor and joking around, who also usually avoids confrontation. I went there a few weeks ago and was so overwhelmed but utterly fascinated.

Like, if you just want to talk for a while because you’re bored, no strings attached, I’m down to just casually talk.

I would like to meet people who are sort of similar to me, because conversation happens and it's just easier if we have a foundation of things we share in common.

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