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Kitten made a no-go motion towards the water cooler, crossing her hands across each other. ‘We drink from the cordial.’ She pointed to another cooler, filled with red liquid. She headed to the cordial cooler and poured off a plastic cup full of the liquid. Here, let’s do this one together.’ He spun his computer screen round so they could both see and pressed some buttons. Her supervisor Pussy seemed to notice her state of mind, and kept bringing her glasses of cordial without commenting. Near lunch, Kitten introduced Claire to two new employees of Titcage. Kitten was naked as Claire walked into the toilets, preparing to piss. She started to cry softly as Sluthole kissed her, and then, giving in, released her bladder. When Kitten was done shaving Claire, she started to run her hands over the skin around Claire’s pussy, scooping up the thick sticky fuck slime that had been oozing from Claire’s twat since last night.It tasted strange, she discovered, but thick and sweet. With the amount of cordial you’ve been drinking it’s no wonder. You can do it here if you want, I don’t mind, but I guess you’re probably prefer some privacy.’ Humiliated, burning with shame, but grateful, Claire stumbled wordlessly away from the bed and ran to the bathroom. You wouldn’t want anyone else seeing them, after all.’ ‘But...’ said Claire. Suddenly the image was there - Claire fingering her nude shaved twat. Not just because Michael was looking at a picture of her masturbating but because she felt the words coming to her so easily. When she saw Claire, she gestured to the other girl there. Her work name is Sluthole.’ Sluthole was short and petite, but gorgeous, with a trim, fit body and flowing brown hair. ’ Before Claire could reply she kissed Claire again. Piss spurted from her pussy and splashed on Sluthole’s twat. She hated remembering Sluthole pissing on her leg and being forced to piss in return. And as her mind grasped for something to say it settled on a familiar and oddly appropriate one. Kitten can watch.’ Claire was shocked her father would even offer to let a stranger watch Claire’s bare bottom spanking, but it was Kitten and really she didn’t mind. When she had her fingers dripping with the stuff, she lifted them to Claire’s lips. Claire opened her mouth and Kitten put her fingers inside.‘Rapehole’ was one of hers, and so was ‘milksacks’. As she became lost in creating new deions for tits and cunts, the morning just flew by. ‘Well, at least you know your work is helping to reduce that prejudice,’ said Kitten. She parted her legs to let it in, and Kitten deftly slid it into her sopping wet rape-tunnel. Immediately the voice stopped yelling and returned to its normal routine. When Claire woke up again the sun was up and Kitten was perched between Claire’s exposed legs. ‘I did my own while you were sleeping.’ Claire waited with her legs spread while Kitten finished shaving her.

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Some had been photographed in the act of sucking large anonymous cocks. Claire’s pussy began to get wet, despite Claire’s best intentions. Kitten just giggled when Claire did this, and hugged her tighter, and rested her head against Claire’s neck, which felt good. In it, three big-titted sluts kissed and licked each other, and were raped and abused by several men.Its unconditional love that works miracles for these gracefully aging moms cos in most of the cases, sons dont really mind having sex with their sweet mothers!Take a look at this couple, she is not a girl anymore and he definitely is a grown man now and he can deliver his momma a fucking she really deserves! join and enjoy Language: japanese | spanish | italian | french | german | dutch Random pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Random friendly site pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Rape sex porno tube links: Rape video | Sex video rape | Rape videos | Rape sex videos: | Rape sex porn Rape Portal - the best rape video sex site on the net!Funded by church groups, conservatives, and the world’s richest men, the organisation existed for one purpose: to change community and government attitudes to women and restore women to a role solely as sextoys, housekeepers and breeders. Looking at the pretty receptionist made Claire uncomfortably aware of her tits, and the way that they were bouncing and rubbing against the inside of her bra as she moved. ‘Oh, it’s on my tag, just like everyone here,’ replied the receptionist. Which reminds me, we have one for you.’ She passed Claire a leather dog collar. The women working here all wore collars and a charitable person would have described their clothing as sexy. All the women wore short skirts, some so short their panties were visible, and all wore tops that called attention to their breasts. ‘You’ll be working here,’ said Michael, ushering Claire to a clear desk bearing a computer. We find it’s incredibly helpful for rape accused to be able to show their accuser is a slut. ‘Fucktoy’ meant that her whole purpose was to be casually fucked for the amusement of men; ‘Rapetoy’ was much the same but implied that forcing her and hurting her was part of the fun. ‘I’m sorry,’ she said, ‘but...’ ‘It’s just like jelly, Claire,’ said Kitten. They cheered as the men slapped the girls and held them down and raped them, and giggled as the women cried.They famously released nude and compromising photos of prominent women to destroy their reputations, and were rumoured to have organised several unsolved rapes committed against feminist lobbyists. What we’ve done is developed an algorithm that trawls the internet for images, recognises pictures of people, identifies ones that appear to be women showing a lot of skin or posed with a man’s cock or a sex toy, and then tries to cross-match them with photos already known to be of an identified woman such as from Facebook.’ He smiled at Claire (or rather, Claire’s tits) as he seated her at the desk. Likewise, ‘tits’ was derived from ‘teats’ and was a reminder that breasts were for making milk. They have girls on another facility and they collect their piss and slut nectar and feed it to us along with a drug to keep us horny.’ Claire felt sick. ‘You wouldn’t eat horse’s hooves, but that’s what jelly is made out of. ‘Good girl,’ said Kitten, in exactly the same tone of voice Michael used with Claire. Claire’s cunt was soaking wet and she knew that her pussy juices were running down her thighs and soaking into the bed but she didn’t much care because she could feel Kitten’s own wetness on her buttocks.

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