Optically stimulated luminescence dating at rose cottage cave Hairywebcams

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As the dates for the first Aboriginal arrival in Australia are pushed back further and further, it is becoming clear how innovative the original colonists must have been.

The earliest known archaeological sites so far reported are found in inland Australia, such as Warratyi rock shelter in the Flinders Ranges and Madjedbebe in Arnhem Land.

These places are a long way from the sea, and were once even more so when past sea levels were lower and the coast even more distant.

But we do know that the earliest Australians were originally seafarers.

This study is primarily concerned with testing the validity of the conventional SAR protocol applied to South African archaeological sites.

I've got to watch some of this with one of my wings.

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They came from island South-East Asia and no matter which route they followed had to make sea crossings of up to 90 kilometres to get here.

The earliest landfall on the continent is now likely to be at least 50 metres below the present ocean.

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