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The remaining three options are for database modeling, and form the main subject of this book.Figure 3-6: Templates for the database modeling solutions. On the left hand side, you will see the category list of Visio's non-database solutions that were summarized in section 1 “3.If you wish to run Visio on an existing Visio document file, you can do so by double-clicking that file in the Explorer directory.The first time Visio runs, it takes a while to update its directory cache before you can use it. On running Visio for the first time, the opening screen appears as shown Figure 3-5. When you select the Database category from the category list shown in Figure 3-5 you will see a window with five icons similar to that shown in Figure 3-6.When you design databases, you will use the database category exclusively so the other category options are not further discussed here.Beneath the category list you will see the tool tip that appears when you hover your mouse over one of the five menu icons.

The auto-install process starts, and the Visio setup welcome screen appears, as shown in Figure 3-2.

Figure 3-2: The opening screen of the Visio installation process.

Figure 3-3: Choosing either the default or a custom installation.

The most recent requirements and installation details may be accessed in the Visual Studio Read Me file, or online at To install VEA, you first have to install Visual Studio . On inserting the first CD or DVD, the auto-install process starts and the setup screen shown in Figure 3-1 appears.

If you wish to view the Read Me file now, click on the View Read Me option.

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