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When an injury was sustained, the individual often felt some measure of anxiety or emotional upset.

Upon administering an infusion (tea made from steaming the leaves and flowers) of St.

These small, black, translucent dots are not actually holes but tiny glands which, when pressed, release the essential plant oils and resins.

(5) Legend tells us that in the first century, early Christians were credited for naming St.

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(26) It was assumed that when the overall disposition or mood of a person was downcast, sad or unsettled, this was the work of evil forces or demons. Johns Wort was not initially used to treat what we now know as depression or anxiety but, fortunately, this hidden benefit was eventually realized while doctors and herbalists were treating wounds, burns and other injuries.(6) Wort is simply an Old English word for a plant or an herb. Johns day is also when daylight is the longest in Europe and is known as the Summer Solstice, an important planting time that is historically rich with pagan, native and early religious rituals.This became a perfect environment for the mystical shroud surrounding St.This produces a beautiful, thick, red liquid which can then be applied externally on wounds, sprains, bruises and varicose veins.This oil was commonly referred to as the blood of Christ.

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