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According to the researchers, "because a hook-up can refer to kissing and petting as well as sexual intercourse, adolescent girls can disclose during post-encounter commentary with peers without having to worry about being considered a "prude" or a "slut"".

The term's vagueness can, however, lead to differing expectations among participants and emotionally painful consequences.

But it seems that now more than ever, you can’t escape bad news.

But what we found most compelling, particularly when studying women’s confidence in the dating space, is that women on Ok Cupid today are about 15% more likely to ask someone they like a lot out on a date than women a decade ago — and they don’t need an app that forces them to do it, either.If at any time a teen feels pressured by a partner, he or she should refrain from the relationship.2. He has a dirty penis and therefore the women that chase that man or type of man are sluts.Gender Education: It is important that teens receive specific gender education in terms of understanding relationships. Predictors and consequences of sexual "hookups" among college students: A short-term prospective study. On the other hand a male stud will dump a female in a heartbeat if he suspects she is having sex with someone else. Women will knowingly chase dirty dick but a man will will not have any part of a dirty vagina.According to researchers Robyn Fielder and Michael Carey (2010), "a hook-up is a catch-all term used by adolescents and young adults to describe a sexual interaction between two partners who expect no romantic commitment."Researchers Leanna Fortunato, Amy Young, Carol Boyd, and Courtney Fons (2010) likened hooking-up to casual sex in that both acts consist of partners who are acquaintances or strangers with no initial intention of considering the future.While casual sex implies sexual intercourse, hooking-up does not necessarily imply sexual intercourse, but rather sexual behaviors.

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