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Red is her favorite color and black is a symbol of power. Not smells like any of those, but the same kind of old type, vintage, melancholy category.

This perfume is an elegant floral chypre with a Mediterranian temperament, but because the perfume was very complex, it was very hard to market. Current version i first sprayed on a tissue and the first time i got the flowery opening (which is the only feminine thing in this fragrance)then i could pick the oakmoss,some other flowers,citruses,some vetiver(pretty masculine)...everything very aromatic and became THE COLOGNE!

later i detected citrus cocktail with hints of vetiver, hyacinth, & musk. I’d feel extremely self conscious wearing this in most public settings. Or just blindsided after a decade of sugary sweet perfume trends? The civet and oakmoss are off the scale in terms of modern tastes.

It wasn't that impressive when i first sprayed it on but later it became quite addictive! I have a vintage bottle from e Bay and I’m delighted to finally have this in my collection as a reference, but Christ...

Now, I still savour this scent and my Autumn nights are redolent with Paloma wafting around me.

After all these years, she's lost none of her allure. Unopened, still wrapped in cellophane, and everything.

I have it just even to spray it on myself some times. I wouldn't wear Paloma in any other occasion, i don't think it's suitable for the way i dress,i need something more ladylike.

The batch code indicates my bottle was made 5 months ago, so unless it has somehow already turned/needs a few sprays/etc I don’t think I could wear it. The bottle itself I find cheap and hideous, and I wonder why on earth if a fragrance can be reformulated beyond recognition why a bad bottle design can’t be trashed with equal ease, but I digress. Honestly sometimes I might spray a women's perfume on my leather gloves in the winter just so I can appreciate some lovely scents sometimes, without putting it on myself.

It reminds me of a confident woman who appreciates all the pleasures of life, good food and good company. It's just a bit too rich, too bold for everyday wear.

I save it for those times when I want to bring a little Mediterranean gusto into my day.

I was curious to try Paloma Picasso after seeing it mentioned on this site.

While out doing some shopping I had a chance to try a spray.

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