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It's real people and real characters and it gets a little out of control and supernatural.

You can't really categorise it or pin it to one genre, and that for me is frigging fantastic!

First-time filmmaker Daniel Ragussis takes an unusual approach to this thriller.

Since it's based on a true story, he avoids the usual cliches and formulas, which makes it an unusually thoughtful film.

""I think Gremlins was the first film I ever saw in the cinema without an adult," Collette adds.

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Since there are no women in the movement, it's great to have Collette in such a pivotal, powerful role. And Letts is also remarkable as a man whose complexity deepens the more we get to know him., is leaving unsettling lil’ dolls on people’s front doorsteps.Yep, the creepy lil’ doll of your nightmares might be waiting at your front door right now… The production house behind the movie, A24, is obviously living by the ole’ adage “all publicity is good publicity” and Man @A24 play too much ????Muriel’s Wedding star Toni Collette will play a therapist trying to keep the spark alive in her marriage in a new BBC series about a multi-generational family penned by Constellations playwright Nick Payne, it has been announced.Wanderlust will be the first television series written by Payne and will star The Halcyon’s Steven Mackintosh, Fresh Meat actress Zawe Ashton and Line Of Duty’s Royce Pierreson.

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