Updating with wiibrew

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Thanks to him.- Fixed the selection of an IOS and the non scan of an IOS in the menu "Perform the test".- Fixed the installation of a c MIOS.- Fixed the list of the IOS source for the d2x c IOS on Wii.- Changed the signature of the d2x c IOS v10/v10-alt to beta52 and beta53-alt.- On Wii U, when selecting an IOS, the 249 isn't auto selected by default because the d2x c IOS doesn't patch the error -1017 on Wii U. Version 3.00- Version compatible Wii U in Wii mode and Wii.- Added for initial support to the Wii mode of the Wii U.

In this mode, you can (at the moment) only do a test, install or uninstall a wad, export some informations or install a c IOS (d2x v10).- Updated the c IOS d2x to v10 and v10 alt.

The alt version is marqued as v10.1.- Modification of all the tests, ios and channels to match the Wii U.- Added an anti brick Wii and Wii U, to prevent the installation of an IOS intended for one on the other.

This protection is in place in the "wad" menu and in the others menu when installing an IOS.- On Wii U: The download of IOS is impossible. You can created the wad files with FSToolboxx and Showmiiwads-mod by Orwel.

As usual, Nintendo describes the update as: June 21, 2010 Wii Menu 4.3 Unauthorized Modifications Because unauthorized channels or firmware may impair game play or the Wii console, updating to Wii Menu version 4.3 will check for and automatically remove such unauthorized files. The only thing that will drive people to install this update will be the broken Shopping channel and hypothetical future games which will come with this update on disc.

In addition, there are some behind the scenes enhancements that do not affect any prominently-used features or menus but will improve system performance. Anyway, here’s the technical changelog — much of this can be seen in the last few Wiimpersonator reports.

updating with wiibrew-37

It might therefore take some more time until our next release.

It’s been a quiet few months around here — Nintendo seems to have been neglecting the Wii.

We expected to see a firmware update bundled with Super Mario Galaxy 2, but found no such thing — however, a few weeks later, we have ourselves a brand new 4.3 update. every update in the past 2 years, except for the 4.0 update (which actually added some features).

You can if you want install the c IOS from Waninkoko rev20/21 or d2x v6, 7, 8 or 9beta (you’ll have to install it manually from the menu « Install c IOS »). The homebrew is displayed automatically in english, french, italian, german or spanish depending of your Wii’s language.

It is also compatible with NTSC-U, NTSC-J and PAL Wii consoles. Warning: I do not take any responsibility for any damage in your wii because of a improper usage of this software.

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