Wii problems updating

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Oh, and don't get impatient and stop the process halfway, or as L. Times reporter Ben Fritz found, you might permanently brick your new Wii U.This is the problem that makes every other problem seem that much worse. People can post text and images to the Miiverse feed, kind of like Twitter where you can draw pictures."Netflix will be great on Wii U," I'd tell friends, apparently talking right out of my ass."Say somebody has to get a drink from the kitchen: They don't have to pause the movie for them! Or say you're browsing: You could show a movie on the TV screen, while you browse for more on the Game Pad!

Waninkoko's c IOS was the first of it's own kind for while, so it can appropriately be viewed as the standard c IOS. * If this is your first c IOS, choose 236 (or 36 if you don't have 236). (If you have problems with this, go to the Trucha Bug section) * When it asks the kind of install, choose online installation if you have Wi Fi or WAD installation if you don't.

Until then, Wii U has over-promised and under-delivered. The reason you're only reading about Wii U's online features now is that out of the box, it doesn't have any of them.

You can't even connect to the internet on Wii U without first downloading a massive firmware update.

Yesterday we reported that the latest firmware update (4.2) for the Nintendo Wii addressed an issue that prevents hackers from installing and launching a special "channel" for unauthorized applications.

Although the company accomplished its mission, an unintended side effect apparently "bricked" legitimate consoles.

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