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If all else fails, do as Joe Hockey so succinctly suggested in 2015 and “get a good job” (or look into a studio apartment).

Girl Talk In the watchtower cafeteria Shayera is silently sitting across from John and Vixen watching them eating their lunch.

Honey, if this is the ”impressing” phase – it ain’t improving from here.

Just as you would grab a coffee with a new face between (imaginary) appointments, so must you plan your house inspections.

Not so much, but thanks to exorbitant living costs and near-stagnant income growth, this is how we do in 2016.

If you do find yourself poised for some housemate shopping, there is an excellent case for treating this like romance.

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Does it really make sense to meet a person or people once and decide days later to move in and share your personal space?I imagine/hope his taking part was part of a research project.The set up is kind of like Blind Date with an initial speed date, followed by a second date for two lucky beasts.Slot one after the other and always have an excuse to leave, as soon as you arrive.Not only will this save time as you scour the streets for your new home, it will tell your potential housemates you are a person with options. ” Ah but a profile does not a person make – just as in the dating world, a photo can skew proportions, turn a big room into a small one and conceal the lesser attributes of a dweller or dwelling.

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